About us


For more than 20 years we, at CONSTRUCCIONES METÁLICAS DEL CARIBE S.A.S., have produced metal structures and a wide range of steel manufactured products.

Located in PARQUE INDUSTRIAL BAYUNCA (department of Bolívar) we dedicate to the integral implementation of basic and in detail engineering, as well as sourcing, manufacturing, assembly and project maintenance within the metal-mechanical industry.

Our Company: a benchmark within its sector today.


Our aim is to become by 2020 the leader manufacturer of high-class metal-mechanical projects at the Caribbean Coast and to increase our involvement in the national and international markets.


To contribute to the development of companies within the industrial, the construction and the public sectors by: meeting their needs and expectations regarding the provision of sourcing, manufacturing and assembly services of high-class metal structures; offering competitive products; and using the adequate technology and a highly capable team. All of this to ensure the right economic performance that will guarantee these companies stay and grow.


Comprehensive policy

Comeca S.A.S. is dedicated to the sourcing, manufacturing and assembly of metal-mechanical products and services. We comply with the technical and quality specifications and guarantee our clients full satisfaction, economic sustainability and continuous improvement with a high sense of responsibility. Besides this, at Comeca S.A.S., we dedicate to the prevention of work-related accidents caused by using hand tools, the decrease of the impact of priority risks (due to works at heights or in confined spaces, entrapments and electric hazards), and work-related illnesses associated with the musculoskeletal, respiratory, visual or hearing systems, and the damage prevention of the potential negative impact to the environment (by minimizing the production of solid waste and the pollution associated with our activities, specially noise and particulate matter production).

To this end, Comeca S.A.S. undertakes to:

  • Comply with the technical, organizational and management structure requirements, during the processes that cover the value chain.
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of the activities executed, the occupational safety and health, and the environment.
  • Have the right personnel to execute those activities.
  • Protect the integrity of our personnel, contractors and third parties involved in the operations.
  • Prevent work-related accidents and illnesses.
  • Prevent environmental pollution, by taking into consideration the main environmental impacts of our activities and products.
  • Have the technical equipment for the achievement of our production objectives.
  • Continuously enhance the management structure in order to improve client satisfaction, accident prevention and the quality of the environment.

Quality certifications confirm the quality of our products and processes, and our commitment with our staff health and welfare.